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A Deep Learning Technique For Optical Word Recognition For Indic Script

This paper presents an Indic Script Optical Character Recognition approach using deep learning techniques called Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) learning techniques for the different national languages of India. .....

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Authors : 1.Sophia Alamanda, 2.Dr Siva Rama Krishna T, 3.D D V Sivaram Rolangi, 4. Dr G Jaya Suma
Experimental Evaluation Of M35 Grade Conventional Concrete By Supplementing Natural Fibers, Foundry Sand And Sea Sand As Partial Replacements

Present urbanization required a huge variety of concretes and minimized effects of newly developed composite materials. This development leads to adverse effects on the surrounding environment. As a part of environmental concern, we have to minimize .....

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Authors : 1.Shaik Mohammed Sohail, 2.Jugal Kishore
Torque Ripple Reduction In BLDC Motor By A Novel Method

Brushless DC motors are gaining a lot of popularity due to the several advantages of the motor. This motor has mainly attracted the designers of electric vehicle systems and other industrial applications. This motor is commercially obtaining demand d .....

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Authors : 1.V Navya , 2.B Shankar
Analysis Of Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Cascade H-Bridge Inverter Topology

In this paper the output of a brushless DC motor drive supplied by a five-level inverter is analysed and explained. A cascaded H-Bridge inverter architecture was chosen for the research because of its many advantages. The simulation model of the brus .....

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Authors : 1.Badisa Sreenu, 2.Jibilikapally Suman
A Study On Strength And Stress Strain Behaviour Of Self Curing Concrete

Curing cement is the process of retaining moisture in the concrete throughout its early stages, notably during the first 28 days after placement, in order to achieve the desired qualities. Relieving concrete has a significant role in the formation of .....

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Authors : 1.Abdul Altaf, 2.K Praveen

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