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Enhancement Of Strength In Cement Mortars Containing Granite Powder

Solid waste management is a big challenge in all around the world. Granite slurry generated from granite stone processing industry is a prime source of solid waste produced in Rajasthan. The generated slurry is indiscriminately dumped on vacant lands .....

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Authors : 1.Mohammed Maqsood Ahmed , 2.J Sai Krishna Reddy, 3.Dr. M.Satish Kumar
Eleven Level Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switches For High Power Applications

The current research is concerned with the investigation and analysis of three-phase multilevel inverters, as well as their various topologies and combinations. The primary goal of our research is to investigate modulation strategies and to compare t .....

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Authors : 1.K Usha Kiran, 2.M Ragini
The Development Of A Low-Calcium Geopolymer Concrete Made From Fly Ash And Marble Powder

If you compare geopolymer concrete to cement concrete, it is a novel and rising trend in today's concrete business. It can be used as a good substitute for cement concrete and has a variety of benefits over cement concrete, including greater dura .....

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Authors : 1.Chawan Vijay Kumar. 2.A Neelima
Air Quality Prediction Using Machine Learning

Air quality of a certain region can be used as one of the major factor determining pollution index also how well the city's industries and population is managed. Urban air quality monitoring has been a constant challenge with the advent of indust .....

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Authors : 1.K Jayith Reddy, 2.Y Subodh, 3.Mohd Afzal
Density Based Smart Traffic Control System Using Canny Edge Algorithm

There is an urgent need to deploy cutting-edge technology and equipment to enhance the current state of the art in traffic management since the issue of urban traffic congestion is only becoming worse. This is due to the fact that the issue is just g .....

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Authors : 1.Nikitha Peddi, 2.Srinitha Palakurthi,3.G Madhavi

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