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Concrete Strength And Behavior With Recycled Plastic In Part

Due to a scarcity of room for land filling and its ever-increasing cost, waste utilisation has become a more enticing choice than disposal. Plastic is the waste material that generates the most concern in terms of environmental consequences. The util .....

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Authors : 1.M Vidya Sagar, 2.N Prasanth Kumar,3.Beeraiah
Optimal Selective Harmonic Elimination In Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters

Because of their straightforward construction and ease of implementation, cascaded structured multilevel inverters are rising in popularity. We present in this work the best selective harmonic elimination approach for a nine-level converter. We use t .....

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Authors : 1.P Venkata Sri Lakshmi, 2.K Deepika, 3.M Ranjith Kumar
Design And Analysis Of Multilevel Inverter Based HVDC System

Circuits called voltage source converters (VSCs) transform electricity from one form to another by converting the voltage between the two forms. In high-voltage direct current systems, the use of voltage source converters is essential. The technology .....

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Authors : 1.G Krishnaveni, 2.Swarna Surya Chandra, 3.M Ranjith Kumar
Modelling Of Electrical Vehicle By BLDC Motor

The best alternative for e mobility is electric-based transportation. The importance for electrical transportation increasing rapidly throughout the world due to the decrease in conventional fuels like petrol and  diesel. In India, still, most o .....

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Authors : 1.P Venkata Sai Teja, 2.M Mallikarjuna,3.M Ranjith Kumar
Spotting The Crook

We all know that our Face is a unique and crucial part of the human body structure that identifies a person. Therefore, we can use it to find the criminal identity. Using the previously captured faces and criminal’s images that are available in .....

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Authors : 1.N.Swapna Goud, 2.H.Sowmya, 3.P.Nandini, 4.P.Sanjay

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