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Intercloud Privacy Preserving Using Trust Evaluation Protocol

Inter cloud strives to facilitate resource sharing between clouds. For Inter cloud orientation, a framework of analysis accepted as valid between draws and users is required. To be considered for evaluation, standard protocols typically support a cen .....

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Authors : 1.Shaik Irfan Basha,2.D.Rammohanreddy
Power Flow Control In VSC Based HVDC System

Due to the increasing demand for electric power, various technologies are coming up to transfer the bulk amount of power. The most prominent technologies used in  electric power transmission are extra high voltage alternating current (EHVAC) tra .....

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Authors : 1.Potla Srinu Mahesh,2.M Bhavya Sri
Design Of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems In Dc Microgrid Applications

Due to smooth integration with renewable power resources in addition to the proliferation of dc-well suited loads, dc microgrids are gaining recognition. Because of the excessive penetration of renewable strength sources in dc microgrids, those micro .....

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Authors : 1.Kancherla Satyapriya,2.T.lingaiah
Mitiation Of Voltage Sag Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)

Various factors that affect the power quality are voltage unbalance, presence of harmonics, interruptions, the occurrence of faults, and the presence of voltage sag and voltage swell. Out of all the power quality issues, the presence of voltage sags .....

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Authors : 1.Andra Nagarjuna,2.V.Srinivasa Rao
Image Based Plant Disease Detection Using Deep Learning

With increasing population the crisis of food is getting bigger day by day. During crisis crop diseases are a major threat to food industry, but their rapid identification remains difficult in many parts of the world due to the unavailability of the .....

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Authors : 1.B.Sathish Kumar Reddy,2.B.Laxmi Vara Prasad,3.K.Susanna,4.P.Harsha

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